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Donate - Other Ways to Help
Adopt a Project
Start a corporate or individual fundraiser. Any individual can decide to launch a fundraising campaign to support one of NomadHope’s projects (for instance, a computer lab for a school in Mali, or the solar electrification for a school).

Email us if you would like help with this, at

Use GoodSearch to Donate as you search
Search Engine and portal site

donate a percentage of all searches and online purchases to your charity of choice, without the hassle of registering, whenever you buy from one of 600 affiliated merchants including Target, Bloomingdale's and Zappo's. Set “Nomad Hope” as your charity of choice! Go to for more information.
Corporate Matching
Did you know that many companies will match your donation dollar for dollar? Get Sahara Solutions Foundation, Inc. added to your company's list of approved non-profit organizations. This enables employees to select NomadHope for their charitable giving and to receive corporate matching donations. Email us if you would like help with this, at
Send a Student
Would you like to sponsor a college student to travel with NomadHope on an upcoming project trip? Give a student the experience of a life time, and sponsor a hands-on humanitarian trip to work side-by-side with NomadHope staff. Email us if you can send a student, at
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“Taberert” Giclee on Canvas
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"Bozo Fishing Girl"

Original photography by Keely McGeehan

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Share Contacts
Do you have any contacts that can help us with our awareness or fund raising efforts? Celebrities? Executives working with relevant organizations? Relatives in high places? Anyone you know of influence that you think will identify with what NomadHope is doing and want to help, is someone we'd love to meet. Feel free to contact them directly about us (send out our url), or introduce us via email
These are some of the more popular ways in which you can get involved with Nomad Hope, but if you have another idea, please let us know! Send an email to if you need additional information or have an idea on how you want to get your involved.
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